3 Ways to Make An Ex-Girlfriend Miss You

3 Ways to Make An Ex-Girlfriend Miss You

Posted by Emily Raymond | March 1, 2017 | Blog, Breakups, Turn ons

You broke up with your gal. You want her back. You want some fast action tips to get her thinking of you again. No worries, I got your back!

There are two things you need to know: first, what you did to lose her and second, what you can do to get her back. Find out what you might have been doing wrong in my article “7 Reasons Why Women Lose Interest“. Then take a look below for my top 3 ways to make your ex-girlfriend miss you and want you back.



The first way to get yourself on your ex’s mind is to remind her of you! This means making yourself visible to her so that she finds it hard to ignore you. If you are still friends on Facebook and/or she’s still following you on Instagram, be sure to post regularly. It can be selfies of you looking hot, shots of you and your friends having fun at the beach, status updates–whatever! Just make sure that the content is positive and makes you look happy, sexy and busy. So no videos of you lip syncing to Celine Dion while crying, okay?



While you’re being all visible and busy, you can also be impressive! How? By learning something new and surprising her! Imagine if when you broke up you saw she’d taken up rock climbing and travelled around central American for a month. You’d be simultaneously impressed and super jealous, right? Well, the same will apply to her. Whether you take up tae kwon do or volunteer at an animal shelter or learn Spanish or get an amazing promotion or move into an amazing new apartment or… you get the picture. Witnessing positive change in your life in her absence will be difficult for her to see. Why didn’t you do these things when she was with you? Is it because you’re happier without her? The more things that change in your life, the less ties she will feel she has to you, and the more she will want to re-establish them. Especially when with every new adventure you have your desirability levels rise!



When you see her, be sweet. Be gentle. She’s hurting and she cares for you. There’s no need to be mean and it won’t make anything go better, I promise. If you’re sweet to her, it means that even if you keep a respectful distance for a while (which you should), she will continue to think about you, miss you, and want you back, all the while thinking highly of you and regretting her decision to break it off.

There you have it, y’all: three quick-and-easy ways to start rekindling your relationship right now. Take a look at my article “How to Seduce An Ex (or any girl actually…)” for more juicy tips on where to go from here. Then go forth and win her back! And never stop being a gentleman.

Emily xo

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